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Discover the Vancouver Island marmot, the rarest marmot in the world, through unique photographs taken in its natural habitat by nature and wildlife photographer Catherine Babault,and learn about the conservation efforts undertaken to save this amazing species from extinction.

“When I arrived on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, I discovered a great diversity of fauna and flora among the ancient, moss-covered trees of the temperate rainforest, in alpine meadows, and on the stunning shores of the Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean. I have had a keen interest in nature and wildlife since my childhood, so my natural curiosity drove me to learn more about the history of these lands and their wildlife. This is how I came to learn of the existence of a rare mammal: the Vancouver Island marmot.
The marmot is endemic to Vancouver Island, which means that it lives only on this Island. It is British Columbia’s sole endemic mammal species. The marmot is listed as Endangered under the Species At Risk Act (SARA) in Canada and classified as a Critically Endangered species by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). My interest was piqued by the rarity of this mammal and its precarious situation. This prompted me to document the marmot’s circumstances through photography in the hopes of raising awareness about its plight.” (Taken from the introduction of the book)

The Vancouver Island marmot only lives in the subalpine meadows of Vancouver Island, and nowhere else. It is the most endangered mammal in Canada. A team of dedicated experts has been working tirelessly to save this marmot from extinction, increasing the wild population from less than 30 in 2003 to 250 in 2022.
Learn about the recovery efforts through the captivating words of experts at the Marmot Recovery Foundation, the Toronto and Calgary zoos, and Vancouver Island University. Through stunning images, discover the marmot in its natural habitat: adults caring for their young, pups play-fighting and exploring their environment.
Contact Catherine Babault to schedule a book signing or presentation at your school, organization, association or library. All presentations can be tailored to the needs of your group. They can be given in person or online, in English or French.

The book is $40, and can only be ordered on catherinebabault.com and it is not available at bookstores or other retailers.

To contact Catherine, or purchase a book, visit catherinebabault.com

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