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Love Where You Live



Do you remember the first week of February when we were posting memes about our good fortune and balmy weather and having a dig at our compatriots in Eastern Canada suffering under polar vortexes and arctic blasts? Do you remember the Instagram and Facebook photos of spring shoots and early flowers, and selfies of us walking without a jacket on sunny afternoons?  Wow! Did that come back to haunt us as we braved “Snowmageddon!” I have been in Canada for a decade and have never seen so much snow. It rendered me housebound as, despite the fact that I have snow tires, I could not get up our hill. As I write this mid-February, all those hopeful spring shoots are now buried under a good foot of snow in some places. It seems that we, here on the West Coast, do not really know how to deal with this inclement weather anomaly known as snow. What is affectionally known as “that #$%&@ white stuff” leaves cars in drifts, sidewalks blocked, plans cancelled, businesses shut and a general feeling of hopelessness. Cabin fever sets in, however the neighbourhood kids are having the time of their lives … snow days mean they could be inside on their computers and gaming devices, but instead are out sledding, building snow forts and generally enjoying the freedom from the confines of classrooms. I suppose it’s a bit of a novelty, but all I can say is: “More snow? Hell, no!”

What amazes me is the UPS guy is still wearing shorts! That is BC for you.

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