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Love Where You Live



Here are some highlights to make you appreciate where you live.

  1. Theoretically, you never have to leave as everything you need is right here, from beaches to theatres; from cities to settlements; from shopping to wine farms, universities and more. Who needs the mainland?
  2. It’s cheaper to live here than in Vancouver …that’s a fact!
  3. Unless you are trying to leave Victoria City limits direction the Malahat, there is really no traffic …therefore no rat race. In fact, rush hour is 4 cars in front of you at an intersection.
  4. Everything in town is 10 to 15 minutes away (allowing time for the 4-car traffic jam). Everything else is between 20 minutes and 3 hours depending where you want to go.
  5. Island life is slower and beats to the rhythm of its own drum. It’s more casual, friendlier and relaxed. Because it is less populated, there is a sense of community.
  6. We have some of the best natural beauty and scenery… whether you are storm watching on the wild west coast; walking humbly beneath the awe-inspiring old growth trees, admiring the seascapes or sunsets on the water skyscapes in all directions or ambling along a trail.
  7. We have attractions galore from the Chemainus Murals, the Butchart Gardens, Paradise Meadows, Cathedral Grove, to Long Beach and Mt Washington. There’s fantastic whale watching, Wild Play, Malahat Skywalk, Goats on the Roof… and trails to numerous, to mention a few.
  8. Where else can you ski in the morning and walk on the beach in the afternoon?
  9. Because you’re on an island your life revolves around the water… whether you walk alongside it, float or sail upon it, swim in it, fish from it… From the ferries, to sailboats and kayaks …on rivers, lakes and the ocean, your panoramas always include it.
  10. The climate is milder, bar the occasional heatwave, and 2 days of snow in winter.


Unlike reality shows, no one can vote you off the island … so enjoy this paradise we call home.


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