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Love Where You Live



How much time are you spending in front of a screen? That means a television, a computer … a phone? When was the last time you spent time in nature? Real time. Not a brief walk with the dog, or spotting a sunset from your deck. I believe there is a definite correlation between your outlook on life and the amount of time you are immersed in nature.

We spend our lives in traffic, in lines at the store, doing mundane chores and errands, working … all in bright, artificial light and circulated stale air. At an instinctual level, we know this is unhealthy and that it exacerbates any stress or anxiety we have. It is important to make a time every day to remove yourself from this environment and connect and recharge with nature.

Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to strengthen our bodies – breathing fresh air, receiving Vitamin D from the sunlight, and challenging our muscles with walks on uneven wilderness paths. But more importantly, nature is a wonderful guide for finding deeper meaning in our lives.

Nature has its own rhythm, pace and seasons which teaches us to slow down, be more patient, and know there is an unscheduled cycle of life, a right time for everything.

Nature has its own plan, patterns and connections which might not be immediately evident, but will be revealed over time.

Nature has its own harmony which teaches us to observe life around us.

Immerse yourself in nature as often as you can. Sit on a beach and revel in the undulating waves of the ocean; walk in the dappled sunlight of a forest or hike up the craggy rocks of a nearby hill. Sit where you have a view and where you can contemplate the natural gifts around you … the sky, the earth, the vegetation… and experience a more peaceful environment in which you can connect with what is meaningful in your life. The choice is yours…

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