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Campbell River Art Gallery presents: Mu’la || Gratitude



Campbell River Art Gallery presents: Mu’la || Gratitude

It is an honor to present the work of Charles Jules “Chuck”, John A. “Guy” Sharkey, and Shawn Decaire; three artists that I have had the privilege of sharing time and space with at the Art Hive for the past year. Mu’la means Gratitude in Kwak’wala. This state of appreciation fosters a sense of collective responsibility and shared humanity. Each artist’s work is a manifestation of their gratitude. Chuck’s gratitude goes to the people of the Campbell River Art Gallery’s Art Hive, the space where he practices his art. Guy’s gratitude goes toward Beau Dick, his mentor for 30 years, who taught him the traditional way of carving. Finally, Shawn wants to pay tribute to the late Jorge Lewis who taught him 20 years ago to make his very first ma̱nat̕si (drum).

This exhibition is a reminder that everyday we can be thankful for someone or something that has come across our path, and this makes room for the power and possibility of change.


The event is finished.

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